Project Description


Highwind Lake Camp understands the importance of having environmental sustainability & responsibility, and we know what it means to be good stewards of the land. We are a completely off grid establishment meaning we must generate all our power needs. Since 2001 we have reduced our dependence on fossil fuels to generate power through the installation of an array of solar panels. The array is capable of producing enough energy to power the camp during the day and some nights.

Highwind Lake Camp | Solar Pannels

We have plans to double our solar capacity with the desire to nearly eliminate the need to produce power through the diesel generator.

Energy generation improvements is just one way we practice sustainability. Though regulated hunting and angling outdoors enthusiasts contribute to wildlife conservation and sustainability. Licencing revenues and hunt reporting help drive conservation research which in turn provides good information to licensed hunters and anglers on sustainable limits. Highwind Lake Camp is proud to offer guided bear hunts and deer hunts that have sustainability in mind. Through our licensed Bear Management Area we apply our local knowledge on population health and plan within our means to keep a healthy and sustainable population locally. Learn more about hunting packages and rates.

Good fishing practices make great fishing experiences. We encourage anglers to be conscious of the fishing rules and regulations and exercise good fishing etiquette and practices. These practices include:

  • size management (the big ones are great for pictures but are better for breeding – keep them swimming)
  • fishing with local bait (no bringing bait in from out of province or other fisheries)
  • consider alternatives to lead-based stinkers
  • Handle Trout with care. Keep trout in the water as much as possible. Always wet your hands before touching a trout. Never touch the gills or hold a trout by the mouth as in when bass fishing.
  • If a hook is lodged deep down the throat, cut the line instead of trying to remove it
  • Lastly, bring in what you bring out!