Project Description

Small Game Hunting

Often, hunters and fishermen will bring along gear for small game hunting. The area is rich with small game from wild hare to grouse. Hunters enjoy heading from camp on ATV or by truck in search of small game. Our camp is located in an area that is surrounded by miles and miles of uninhabited land with the rugged forests and terrain of the Canadian Shield. The grouse hunting season in our area starts in September. Small game of choice in the area are Ruffed Grouse, Spruce Grouse, Sharptailed Grouse, Snowshoe (varying) Hare, and Cottontail Hare.

Highwind Lake Camp | Small Game Hunting

We spend a lot of time in the bush and down the roads over the summer and we monitor grouse activity. We are happy to spend time with hunters to go over area maps and point them to known habitats. Relatively dry summers will produce a good clutch for Ruffed and Spruce Grouse allowing hunters the opportunity to put up many birds in the fall and fill their limits. Wet summers can be challenging for young chicks and many may not survive a season of heavy rains. Although conditions and bird populations vary year to year, dedicated bird hunters will enjoy excellent hunting and a great experience on the area trails and old roads. As with all our hunting packages, guests will enjoy hand crafted log cabins complete with a fully outfitted kitchen and with light housekeeping; or if desired may bring their campers and park it in one of our full service RV sites.

To participate in Small Game Hunting, all hunters in Ontario must hold valid licenses and permits for hunting and possession of a firearm. Visit Ontario’s web page on non-resident hunting for more information on permitting and licenses.