We love our pets at Highwind but there are a few rules we need our guests to follow!

Cats are not allowed in our cabins do to the severity of cat allergies in some of our guests. Dogs are welcome but we ask that you keep your dogs off the beds and couches.  When guests do bring their dogs to the cabins, we always do a more thorough clean.

All animals MUST be on a leash in camp.  This is a rule that we are very strict to enforce for the safety of our guests and their pets.  While you might think your dog is a good listener and fine off-leash, we never know how they might react when another dog comes near and so leashes are a must.  Yes, even for little Chihuahuas.

We also ask that you keep your dogs out of the lake and off the beach.  We do not even let our own dogs swim in Highwind and take them over the hill to Ethelma where they can go wild.  While we know your dog is absolutely the best behaved dog out there, we have had incidents in the past where dogs have gotten loose and gone running up the beach, knocking over guests.   Now unfortunately we have had to make this a rule for all.

Last but not least: please pick up your dog’s waste!  If your dog goes up into the bush to go to the bathroom, great.  But if they leave a nice pile of poop in the middle of the playing field… please pick it up and throw it into the compost bin found at the fish cleaning shack.