Most of our guests now know what the power situation is at camp.  But the question still does come up now and then of how things operate being in the middle of nowhere.

Highwind is 100% off grid.  All of our power comes from a generator and solar panels.  Because of our remote location, it is not feasible to bring in hydro.  This means that we need the cooperation of all of our guests to ensure our system is not being overloaded.  Some of the things we ask our guests to do to prevent said overload include:

  • Use percolators or French presses to make coffee.  Absolutely no coffee pots.  Sorry!!
  • Use a camp toaster, not an electric toaster.
  • No portable air conditioners in the cabins or campers.
  • No hair driers or straighteners.

Things that are okay and do not cause power surges:

  • Standing or box fans.
  • Televisions, internet routers, satelite boxes.

All of our cabins are well equipped in the kitchens and do include stove top kettle, French press, coffee percolator, and camp toaster.  If a camp toaster is needed, please inquire at the store and we can provide one for you!

Some of our seasonal guests who do prefer air conditioning over a simple fan have added their own small solar system to their site that offers supplemental power.  We do not mind guests having a small generator as well, we just ask that it not run during the night to be considerate for all our guests.

Note:  Highwind does not have public internet for our guests.  Our seasonal guests are more than welcome to set up their campsite with internet (Star Link) or satellite TV if they so choose.